5 Brands On My 2018 Wishlist

Last year, I had the opportunity to try out a wide range of brands, and my hope for this year, of course, is that I can explore and experiment with many other brands.

Here are my personal top 5 brands to try out this year.


One of the main reasons I really wanted to try this is because of the packaging. It’s black, simple and sleek – what’s there not to love?

Another reason is, of course, the Orgasm line of products. It’s a shade of pink that I seriously adore because it goes very well with my skin tones. It’s also close to millennial pink – a colour that’s very in-trend and flattering. I wanted to buy the lipstick last year at a Duty Free store at Incheon Airport, but they ran out of it 😦

This year, I have my eyes set on the blush and lipstick – let’s hope that it will become a reality.

Tony Moly

I was this close to purchasing Tony Moly products in Korea because their ambassador was Seo Kang Jun…! Our favourite pianist (read here for my opinion on this show) aside, this brand is actually famous for its cute packaging. I prefer sleek, minimalist packaging (see above) over cute ones, but I’ve heard of some pretty good products from TM.

For example, TM’s Petite Bunny Gloss Bar is Soko Glam’s Best of K-Beauty Award Winner in 2017, rated 4.5 out of 5 with 92 positive reviews on the Soko Glam website. That is honestly very, very impressive. I’m also interested in their lip tints, because the lip swatches look so good.

too cool for school

Again, I’m a true sucker for their packaging. There is so much old-school plaid, coupled with adorable doodles and illustrations.

They are famous for their egg skincare/haircare products (not even kidding), but I’m really not too keen on it. What really caught my eye is the BB Foundation Lunch Box. A lunch box, for goodness sake!


I walked past their stores quite often in Korea, but never really stopped to look at their products. I’m very curious about this Power 10 Formula. Having an essence targeted at a specific skin problem sounds like the kind of thing I need, but it also sounds like it will be an extremely expensive affair, haha.

I’ll probably get around to checking their prices soon, though I think there is a 99% chance I won’t be trying this at all this year 😦

Estee Lauder

There are so many products under this brand that I’ve heard raving reviews of but never had the opportunity to try. I’m particularly interested in Double Wear Foundation and Pure Color Envy, but the price is not exactly friendly on the wallet :X Ah well, we’ll see how things go.



Author: Vivian

“I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.” ― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

13 thoughts on “5 Brands On My 2018 Wishlist”

  1. Estee Lauder and NARS are two brands that I’ve been eyeing up, the other brands you’ve mentioned look really nice and exciting as well!


  2. Estee lauder foundation is a good one but I suggest to go for 1 shade down or try a bit on your face skin and walk around the mall for about 20 mins before deciding because of it oxides and become dull after a few hours. Maybe it might be diff on your skin so just give it a go but do try a bit on your skin and walk around the mall for a few mins before deciding 🙂


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