[REVIEW] CLIO Mad Matte Tint

I’ve been eyeing 3CE’s Velvet Lip Tint for a long time since I saw it online, but never got around to buying it. I’ve seen other Korean brands with similar product offerings, such as Etude House with their new Matte Chic Lip Lacquers.

I popped by a Sasa store in KL and saw that CLIO also had something similar – the Mad Matte Tint. The shades were a huge draw, and after swatching, I couldn’t help but add this lip product to my shopping basket.

Product Description

Matte lip tint that delivers vivid color pay-off as it looks and glides on with a thin and even layer

Official Retail Price in Singapore: SGD 15.78 (Qoo10)

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Ingredient List

I wasn’t able to find the list online and had already thrown away the box by the time I started writing this, so I won’t be able to talk about this in detail 😦

CLIO specifically listed a few shades as MLBB, and #08 Chai Tea Latte was the first to catch my eye. I personally feel that it looks more like a brick brown than ‘chai tea latte’, but it’s absolutely flattering for many skin tones. However, it actually smells and tastes just like the tea latte I sometimes have for breakfast, which is quite a nice surprise.


Packaging: As mentioned earlier, it bears much resemblance to the ones offered by other Korean brands. I like it a lot though – it looks chic, and is easy to bring around in a makeup pouch.

Colour: I absolutely love this colour!! I’m always on the lookout for MLBB lipstick shades that don’t make me look too washed out, and are also great for daily wear. This has to be one of my top favourites because it’s so flattering and easy to pull off. It’s not too bright a pink or red that may cause your makeup look to become overwhelming, so you can use this when you’re going for class or work without looking like you overdid it.

Colour payoff & intensity: The colour payoff is great – one swipe and you’re good to go. In fact, I found it a bit tough to to do a gradient lip with this tint (as seen in the marketing creative) because the colour is so rich and intense that it immediately covers your entire lips. That’s not entirely a bad thing (I mean, who’s gonna complain about great colour payoff, right), but this is worth taking note of if you are planning to achieve gradient lips with this product.

Staying power: For a tint, I feel that this product’s staying power is not as good as I would have liked it to be. Drinking is fine, but you would not expect to see a lot of colour left on the lips after a meal. I also don’t think this tint is totally transfer-proof, so you’d have to expect to touch up after eating. However, it should be able to last you for a few good hours.

Final Verdict

I don’t know about you, but I’m always happy when I find lip products offering MLBB shades that aren’t too pricey, apply smoothly with great colour payoff, and have decent staying power.

I feel like this could be a dupe for 3CE’s Velvet Lip Tint for those who may not like how drying 3CE’s products may be, or are put off by the higher price point. The shades offered are actually pretty similar 🧐

As you can tell, I’m floored by the colour – I’ve never been so happy to pick a shade that suits me so well. I would strongly recommend this shade if you’re also looking for a wearable MLBB lip colour. And in spite of my love for #08, I’m honestly hoping that I’d be able to get the other shades in future…


Colour payoff: ✮✮✮✮✮
Ease of use: ✮✮✮✮✮
Staying power: ✮✮✮
Value for money: ✮✮✮✮


Author: Vivian

“I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.” ― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

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