5 K-Beauty brands to buy in Korea

A quick K-beauty shopping guide for when you’re in Korea – check it out! 🙂


Most people would agree with me that buying cosmetics and skincare products in Korea is a no-brainer; in fact, I had friends who bought their first beauty products from Seoul, and have stuck with Korean brands ever since.

Shopping for cosmetics in Korea has its perks: not only do you get the widest possible range of products in the home country, but also many discounts and freebies! What’s more, if you are a tourist, you can even get tax refunds on all those lipsticks you’ve bought – sweet!

First time heading to Korea, or unfamiliar with the K-beauty scene? Here are 5 brands that I strongly recommend you buy while you’re in Korea:

1 / Banila Co

I know this is a pretty old photo but you can tell that they haven’t changed their star products over the years. If you believe that skincare and base makeup is important, this…

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Author: Vivian

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