[REVIEW] The Face Shop x KAKAO FRIENDS APEACH Blossom Lip Tint

So I like APEACH, I like TFS, and I like lip tints – this combination is deadly enough to make me surrender into buying this.

Product Description

  • Glossy lips without any sticky feeling.
  • Fresh & tight application.
  • Excellent glassy gloss.
  • Adorable Sweet Apeach design! – Shake it and enjoy the flattery Cherry blossom glitters!

Official Retail Price: SGD 15.10 (Shopee)

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Ingredient List

I haven’t been able to find a full ingredient list online, but let me know if you have a source for this!

They didn’t have many choices for shades and I really wanted APEACH so I went for a pink that I was used to buying for lip tints. This was how it looked like in the marketing materials:

It wasn’t too bright or obnoxious a pink, and I imagined that this would look very good when used for a gradient lip look, so I went ahead to pick this colour.





Packaging: It’s hard to disagree that this lip tint’s packaging is waaaaay too adorable. Besides having APEACH printed on the tube, you have a tiny APEACH in a snowglobe – how cute is that!! It’s so gorgeous that you could probably use it as a decoration for your table, your shelf, practically anywhere that you bring this tint along with. It’s almost like having a pretty snow globe with you everywhere you go. It’s not heavy either, although I do think that it is slightly bulkier than most other lip tints I’ve used.

Colour: I would describe this colour as a strawberry pink, I guess? It makes for a very sweet and bright look, and you can see that the colour applies rather evenly on skin despite being so watery. The strawberry pink colour helps to pump your lips a little, and I found it to very good for creating gradient lips. The payoff is lovely as well, but I do think that I take more than one application in order to have a significant bit of colour on my lips.

I do also think that this may have a formula that is rather similar to Innisfree’s Eco Flower Tint. The colours seem to share similarities, but without the ingredient list for this lip tint, it’s tough to check and say for sure whether these two tints from different companies are close dupes of each other.

Staying power: I personally feel that lip tints should be very long-lasting (since they tint/dye your lips), but not all tints are made the same. This, however, has been fantastic beyond my expectation. I can expect to eat a full meal, drink water, and still expect to see about 70% of colour still on my lips. At the end of a long day in office, I still see traces of the colour even though I haven’t touched up even once. Now, how great is that?

Final Verdict

Cute packaging aside, we all know the K-beauty world is awash with lip tints. What really differentiates one tint from the next is definitely the colour shades, the staying power, and the price as well.

This lip tint isn’t the cheapest tint available out there, but I do think that for the gorgeous packaging, the sweet colours and the long-lasting power it boasts, this particular tint is definitely worth putting in your shopping cart, especially if you are a APEACH or Ryan fan.

Do take note, however, that this isn’t available in Singapore (if you are a SG reader) and I don’t think TFS SG will be bringing it in at all, so you will have to buy from an online retailer or some kind seller in order to get your hands on this.

UPDATE: TFS SG has brought the APEACH collection to Singapore! However, they’ve left out the sunscreen, so you still can’t get it here 😦


Colour payoff: ✮✮✮✮
Ease of use: ✮✮✮✮✮
Staying power: ✮✮✮✮✮
Value for money: ✮✮✮✮


Author: Vivian

“I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.” ― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

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