[REVIEW] Muji Cheek Colour (Matte Type)

This was one of the items that I bought during my first time buying beauty items from Muji. I had seen some reviews of this blush online before, so I was interested in trying it out for myself.

Product Description

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Official Retail Price in Singapore: SGD 9.60

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Ingredient List

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Packaging: I like that it looks simple and minimalistic – absolutely befitting of Muji’s aesthetic and branding. It makes for a good blush to pack into your makeup pouch and luggage as well because it’s light and compact, so this is one blush I would definitely consider packing with me on my travels.

Colour: I’m really liking this shade because it’s not an obnoxious kind of pink – kind of like a natural flush, but just slightly darker? I usually try to opt for lighter colours because I don’t like blush appearing too intense on my face, so this one from Muji works just fine for me. If you are looking for a lighter colour, I would definitely recommend that you try Peach, because Rose is the darkest shade of the lot. You can also get this in the ‘crystal’ version, which is basically a shimmery version of the exact same shade.

Colour payoff & intensity: Typical of Japanese cosmetic products, I wouldn’t say this payoff is strong. It is, however, pretty good, and possibly even better than some of its Korean counterparts. It takes me about 2 swipes each time to get the colour to show up as a natural flush on my skin, which isn’t too bad.

Staying power: I did realize that the colour on my cheeks didn’t really last quite as long as I had expected, and this was despite the fact that I always remembered to prime my skin and set all my makeup in loose powder. By mid-day, after I came back from lunch, I realized that the cheek colour had started to fade, and if I really want it to still look fresh for the rest of the day, it would probably require touching up in the afternoon. That was something I didn’t particularly like, because most blushes I’ve tried so far actually boast pretty good staying power.

Final Verdict

I think for SGD 9.60, the quality is not bad. It’s in fact a pretty good deal, considering that you can get a good blush for less than SGD10, and especially when you consider that it’s a product from Muji. In fact, I was initially very excited about having found this at a good price because I heard that this blush is so popular that it’s often sold out, and people actually have to wait to buy the blush after it’s been restocked.

It’s not an absolute must-buy for me because it’s not something that I would be raving about, but it does have its own legion of fans. Why? Because it’s pretty, pretty reliable, and pretty affordable blush, duh!


Colour payoff: ✮✮✮
Ease of use: ✮✮✮✮
Staying power: ✮✮
Value for money: ✮✮✮✮✮


Author: Vivian

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