THERAGEFFECT is run by me (AKA Vivian), who is deeply fascinated by cosmetics and skincare. My weakness is of course, K-beauty products and lipsticks. After constantly being asked by my friend (let’s call her A) on which products work as advertised, and which don’t, I decided to run this blog to share my reviews with people who are as interested in K-beauty as I am.

All reviews and articles written here are my honest opinions. If I don’t like something, I’ll say it (and I really don’t hold back on this). If I like something, I’ll also be as enthusiastic, of course 😉 I may be an affiliate of various brands and shops, but I will never hard sell you anything I don’t like just to earn commission.

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Many of my blog posts are top results on Google searches (yes, you can go search right now!) due to good SEO (website graded 94/100 by Hubspot) and high readership.

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If you wish to contact for inquiries e.g. banner advertisements, news publications, requests to repost reviews, etc. please feel free to leave a message under the Contact tab, or drop me an email @ vivianyeong@outlook.sg 🙂