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THERAGEFFECT is run by Vivian, who is deeply fascinated by cosmetics and skincare. Her weakness is of course, K-beauty products and lipsticks. After constantly being asked by her friend (let’s call her A) on which products work as advertised, and which don’t, she decided to run this blog to share her reviews with people who are as interested in K-beauty as she is.

All reviews and articles written here are her honest opinions – you can be assured that not a single item or review written here is sponsored. She may be an affiliate of various brands and shops, but she will never hard sell you anything she doesn’t like just to earn commission.

If you wish to contact for inquiries e.g. banner advertisements, news publications, requests to repost reviews, etc. please feel free to leave a message under the Contact tab, or drop me an email @ vivianyeong@outlook.sg

As a lover of K-beauty, Vivian is undoubtedly also a big fan of Korean culture. She types long reviews of K-dramas, K-movies, and K-pop on The Kimchi Effect, where she shares what’s worth watching and listening to in the cluttered Korean entertainment world.

With her habit of recording travel titbits and her love for Korea, it is also no wonder that Vivian writes about her experiences traveling and studying in Korea here.