How Much Is Your Lipstick Worth Per Gram? [PART I]

I’ve always been curious as to whether I’m getting the most value out of my lipsticks – I can’t tell whether some are rather pricey despite the small volume, or cheap precisely because of the volume. With this in mind, I started punching numbers to find out how much my lipsticks were worth per gram.

The first part of this series focuses on my bullet lipsticks, while more on liquid ones will come later.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these numbers may not be wholly accurate due to differences in prices – I obtained these prices from either official brand websites, other retailers, or individual sellers on selling platforms. Prices are also listed in SGD (Singapore dollars).

Korean brands

  1. Aritaum Wonder Stay Stick Tint: SGD 2.86 ($12, 4.2g)
  2. RiRe Luxe Glow Lipstick: SGD 3.14 ($11, 3.5g)
  3. banila co. Kiss Collector Luster: SGD 4.88 ($20.50, 4.2g)
  4. 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color: SGD 5.11 ($17.90, 3.5g)
  5. TFS Moisture Touch Lipstick: SGD 5.85 ($19.90, 3.4g)
  6. Etude House Dear My Matte Tinting Lip-Talk: SGD 5.97 ($17.90, 3g)
  7. moonshot – lipfeat: SGD 8.29 ($29, 3.5g)


Other brands

  1. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick: SGD 9.71 ($33, 3.4g)
  2. shu uemura rouge unlimited supreme matte: SGD 11.18 ($38, 3.4g)
  3. Lancôme L’ Absolu Rouge: SGD 11.43 ($48, 4.2g)

Did any of these come as a surprise to you? Comment and let me know!


My Red Lipstick Collection

I’m not a red-lip kind of girl, but I find that a red lipstick is an essential in any makeup collection for a classic and formal look, so I’ve amassed a few along the way. Check out my list and read my reviews of each of them!

(I’ll update this list along the way as I try out more red lip products!)

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani – 714


Just looking at a macro shot of the lipstick bullet is enough to tempt you into buying it. I love this liptick’s formula because the colour payoff is fantastic and very lasting, but the red is a tad too bright for me.

Aritaum Lip Cover Color Tint – #4


Leaning towards orange-red, it applies matte despite being marketed as a lip tint. Great formula once again, but the colour is still not exactly suited for me.

TFS Moisture Touch Lipstick – RD04


This has got to be one of my favourite lipsticks on the list. It’s not a very loud red in real life, which I’ve found to be really great to wear for many occasions. It also feels very moisturizing (hence ‘moisture touch’) on the lips, so I would definitely recommend this.

YSL Beauty Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream – #401


This cherry-flavoured red lippie is possibly my favourite on this list because of its fantastic formula and taste. If you’re looking for something that will really last (I swear this really stains your lips for the whole day) and can afford to burn a few extra dollars (because YSL, of course), this will be your holy grail product for a red lip.