[REVIEW] Lily by Red Bloody Liar Coating Tint

This brand caught my attention because… well, because their ambassador is Hyunbin from PD101😅 I think I first saw this on Instagram, and got really interested in their lip products because the colours looked so vibrant and fresh, so I made a mental note to pick them up in Korea.

Product Description


The HD color capture system completes the juice makeup as soon as the high-color texture touches your lips. Produces a brilliant tone of face with vivid color.


It is a Oil Drop Tint that oil-wrapped moisture capsules pop out on your lips, and gently polished with a glass-lined coating on the tint to make your lips moist.


It is a tattoo tint that gradually permeates for about 10 seconds after application, and is uniformly and strongly coloured on the lips without unevenness.

Official Retail Price: SGD 10.00 (Shopee)

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Ingredient List

I think the brand is not as prevalent yet, and I can’t seem to find an official website, so it’s a little difficult to find details such as ingredient lists 😦 sorry readers!

I stood in a Lalavla store for super long just to swatch and pick a colour, because all the colours were so pretty! I eventually decided on #1 Peach, because it’s such a healthy-looking colour.







Packaging: Nothing super special, just your normal block of tint. I do think that the lid/cover is a little difficult to twist open though, it takes me quite a fair bit of effort to do it.

Colour: The packaging colour matches the marketing photos, but it turns out as orange in my photographs above. The swatch is a little orangey though, but when applied on lips, you will find that your lips look much more pink than orange – how strange, right? To be fair, I think it’s because this peachy shade is a little ambiguous, a bit of a mixture between pink and orange. Hence, the colours will tend to look different under different lighting.

Strange colour sightings aside, I really like how great this shade is in making your lips look full, plump, and healthy – kind of like a peach! You can apply just a thin coat of this tint if you like your original lip colour, and the colour will already look good.

Staying power: I thought I had already seen some of the longest-lasting lip tints ever, but it turns out that I was wrong. This, dear reader, is truly in its own league. This is what the marketing materials show:

Initially, I thought they might be exaggerating about the colour being so obvious after 6 hours. A lot of products claim to be long-lasting but fall below expectations, and I’m sure some brands and products come to your mind as well. However, I swatched my lip tint for the photos and 24 hours later, I still can see hints of it on my hand! That’s after multiple washing of hands, a bath, activities, etc. etc., so just imagine how many meals and drinks you can have without worrying that your lip colour will be gone!

In addition, I really love how hydrating this lip tint feels. Some lip tints actually dry out your lips (tbh I’m not sure why), so you have to use lip balm before application or your lips will crack and look nasty. This lip tint actually helps your lips feel well-moisturized: I can vouch for this, having used this in Korea’s dry winter and actually not having my lips crack at all.

Final Verdict

Could you imagine having vibrantly-coloured, healthy-looking lips the whole day without needing to touch up at all? Well, now you can!

Another huge plus point of this lip tint is that it’s affordable (much more so than the more established brands), although not as easily available for retail outside of Korea. If you’re unable to ship this product to your country, make sure to get these in Korea, or ask someone who’s travelling there to help you get it!! I think they are available in Olive Young and Lalavla (both are local beauty drugstores) and retail for about 6000 won, which is much cheaper than online prices.


Colour payoff: ✮✮✮✮✮
Ease of use: ✮✮✮✮✮
Staying power: ✮✮✮✮✮
Value for money: ✮✮✮✮✮