5 Brands On My 2019 Wishlist

Last year, I had the opportunity to try out a wide range of brands, and my hope for this year, of course, is that I can explore and experiment with many other brands.

Here are my personal top 5 brands to try out this year.

Drunk Elephant


I’ve heard so many good things about this skincare brand that just entered Singapore! I think the prices are really expensive though, so I’m a bit afraid of committing my money to Drunk Elephant’s products 😂 if anyone has recommendations for Drunk Elephant products that will definitely work for oily, acne-prone & sensitive skin, let me know!

Mario Badescu


I’ve heard about their facial sprays being really good for sensitive skin, so I’m really keen on trying them! Let me know if their toners are good as well, will be looking to try out a new toner once my current Muji one is depleted!

The History of Whoo


I seriously love the packaging – definitely something that looks Korean royalty-worthy Most reviews I’ve read of The History of Whoo’s products are very positive, but the one thing holding me back is, of course, the price. I certainly don’t have that kind of income to support such a luxurious skincare routine and makeup collection TT__TT I might try something from this brand if I really can afford it, otherwise I’ll put it in my wishlist… for 2020 😂

Jill Stuart


You know I’m a huge sucker for beautiful packaging, so how could I leave out Jill Stuart? Everything looks so luxurious and fit for a princess. I’ve seen some product swatches and they look really lovely. In fact, I think this brand looks a little like Japanese drugstore favourites Canmake and Cezanne, right? I know the prices aren’t super affordable either, so I’ll really have to save up to buy these beauties…

dear, Klairs


I was this close to buying their Vitamin C serum when I saw it in Korea but I eventually decided not to. I regret it. I am definitely going to try this brand in 2019 – watch me!!