You Can Use Botox on Your Hair?!

You Can Use Botox on Your Hair?!

(guest post by Jennifer Scott)

Botox is a well-known prescriptive medication used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that you can use Botox on your hair? As you age, your hair is similar to your skin where it loses its elasticity and fullness. But Botox used on the hair can give it a smooth, full and healthy appearance. It can also combat the frizzies.

How Does It Work?

Similar to smoothing and relaxing muscles on the skin, Botox for the hair fills each fiber of the hair to ensure that it’s smooth and full. The deep conditioner treatment coats the fibers of the hair with a form of filler. It focuses on problematic areas such as thinning and split ends. Caviar oil, vitamin B-5, BONT-L peptide and collagen complex are just a few of the patented ingredients to help treat damaged and thinning hair.

Are You a Candidate?

While Botox is a safe treatment for all types of hair, there are some individuals who will benefit greatly from the procedure. You’re a prime candidate if you have split ends and fine hair. You may also want to consider Botox for hair if your locks are frizzy and lack volume and luster. Individuals longing for a straight style will see optimum results with Botox as the product straightens the strands.

What Happens During the Treatment?

When used on the skin, Botox is applied through injections using needles. However, when used on the hair, Botox is applied with a conditioner agent onto the hair strands. Whether you go to a professional salon or buy the products and use in the comfort of your home, it’s a painless process.

At the salon, the stylist will start with by shampooing your hair. This helps open the cuticles and prepares them for the upcoming treatment. Botox for the hair is then massaged onto the strands beginning at the roots and ending at the tips of the hair. The application is left on wet hair between 25 and 90 minutes, dependent on the extent of damage.

The stylist may rinse the application out before drying. Others may choose to leave the solution on during the styling process. This can assist the treatment in penetrating the hair fully. Once dried, you’ll notice immediate results from the Botox hair process.

Is Botox for Hair Effective?

Hair salons have seen a rise in the number of clients requesting Botox for hair. Although there are a number of products on the market claiming to offer the same benefits, you want to do your own research. To ensure you get the best results, you want to schedule an appointment with your own hair stylist for a consultation. Your trusted salon will be able to buy products from a verified vendor and ensure the ingredients are of the highest quality.

Will It Break the Bank?

The costs for Botox hair treatments vary and typically cost between $100 to $300. But the results can last up to 4 months, depending on the individual. You can help preserve your locks by shampooing in between visits using a sulfate-free product. Before you schedule an appointment, shop around to get the best price and at a reputable salon.

Are There Any Risks?

Botox for hair is considered safe for users. However, with any type of treatment for your hair, you want to speak with your stylist first. They’ll be able to help you understand the risks associated such as allergies and skin irritations. You can reduce your risks by ensuring the product doesn’t make contact with your skin.

If your hair is lacking, and you’re looking for a solution that goes beyond your normal shampoo and conditioning routine for fullness and body, you may want to consider Botox for hair. To ensure the best results and to extend the life of the treatment, it’s important to visit a salon you trust.

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