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[REVIEW] MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

I struggled very long with the thought of using snail mucin on my face. I heard about its fantastic healing properties, but couldn’t really get past the eek factor. It wasn’t until I had read umpteen reviews about how amazing this product is, and a time when my face broke out so bad that I […]

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[REVIEW] LANEIGE Ultra Long-lasting Eyeliner

After my Colourpop eyeliner died on me (aka a whole chunk of the lead just broke off and I was left with a stump I could barely use), I had to find another pencil eyeliner as a backup, just in case my TFS one died the same way too. Product Description Long-lasting eyeliner with the […]

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[REVIEW] Innisfree My Lip Balm

I’m not a big fan of lip balms, but I am a sucker for 1) great packaging and 2) celebrity endorsements. I saw that Wanna One was promoting some Innisfree lip balms with their faces on the tubes and I really wanted to get them; unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find anyone selling them online […]

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