[REVIEW] Muji Light Toning Water (Moisture)

Many of us have seen beauty products retailed at Japanese discount stores (Daiso, Miniso), and of course, Muji. Frankly, I’m a bit skeptical about trying beauty products from Daiso and Miniso because the testers are always in such a bad state, and the ingredients look a lil dubious, but at Muji, I know that they maintain a certain quality standard, thus their products are safe to try.

Recently, I got around to trying beauty products from Muji, partly because I was running out of my toner and wanted to try something new. I’ve tested this for about one month, and finally got down to writing this post ~

Product Description

Skin care series made using natural water from Kamaishi in Iwate prefecture. Provides fresh hydration for sensitive skin that dries easily. Contains purslane extract, grapefruit seed extract and Lipidure (polyquaternium-51), a material containing a large amount of moisture, as skin protection components. Low-irritation, making it gentle on delicate skin.

*Fragrance free *Non-staining *Mineral oil free *Mildly acidic *Paraben free *Alcohol free *Allergy tested (however, it is not guaranteed to be allergy free for all users.)

How to use: After washing, take an appropriate amount in hands or onto cotton wool and massage into entire face.

Official Retail Price in Singapore: SGD 10.30

Ingredient List

Water, glycerin, DPG, PEG-32, glycosyl trehalose, hydrolysis hydrogenated starch, purslane extract, polyquaternium -51, grapefruit seed extract, PCA-Na, citric acid, citric acid Na, allantoin, BG, phenoxyethanol

Interestingly, trehalose is actually ‘considered useful because of its rehydrating and water binding properties, as well as its antioxidant powers’ (Source).

Muji LIght Toning Water Moisture

Packaging: I LOVE THIS BOTTLE! My preferences for beauty products run two ways: either super cute, or super minimalist. I actually prefer that my skincare products have minimal, straightforward packaging, because it looks very ‘natural’ – much like how most of us would like to see ‘natural ingredients’ in our products.

Just looking at this bottle already makes me feel like the toner is very pure, soothing, and natural. It’s probably also because the liquid inside looks just like water, but you get my point – great packaging makes for the best marketing!

Texture: It feels exactly like water, so much so that sometimes I wonder if I’ve been cheated by Muji and all that’s inside this toner is water. But a texture like water is great news for everyone with sensitive, oily, and clogged skin! It gets absorbed very easily and feels very good on skin.

Effectiveness: I’ve never had any breakouts from using this, and in fact my skin looked a lot fresher after repeated usage. This could be partly attributed to the fact that they don’t use any fragrances and alcohols in their formula, both of which are really not great for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

I’ve tried quite a few toners before and I would say this is almost as good as my favourite COSRX toners, but at a slightly lower price.

Final Verdict

Take it from me – buy this! In fact, after having tried this, I now want to try every other product in Muji because I’m so impressed by the quality at the price I’m paying. It’s as good, if not even better, than most other toners in the market. I’m quite surprised that not many people have actually raved about this, but maybe now they will after I have recommended it… HAHA (I’m just joking, I ain’t that influential).


Ease of use: ✮✮✮✮✮
Effectiveness: ✮✮✮✮
Value for money: ✮✮✮✮✮